Hi all-

It feels like it’s been forever since I last spoke to any of you about any thoughts, art-related or not. September and October were intense months in my young life. I jumped on the bandwagon of my dreams and spoke out loud that I intensely wanted to pursue them. I went through Holli Conger’s Consulting program (which was great, intense, and an awakening) She steered me in the right direction and began to demystify the process of becoming an illustrator. I found her by searching “how do you do what you LOVE for a living?” on Google.  Oh, Lord do I have dreams to use the creative spirit You have blessed me with. But, you see, these dreams seem impractical to my conscientious, frugal, pro/con self and to loads of people around me. There is no “Steps 1-3 on how to become a licensed artist or children’s illustrator”. You have to forge your own way. It is a long road and different for everyone. I know people who live this dream and see their bravery, their perseverance and am assured I’m in good company.  I am committed to my dream which is why I haven’t been here and why I’m back. I have been purchasing and organizing and painting and illustrating and dreaming like CRAZY. I have been getting healthy and am pleased to say I have never felt better in the last six years than I do now.(!!) Can I hear an Amen? More on that later. I am finally ready to share again where I am going. I am gaining confidence slowly. I am still a little fragile but am opening myself up. So, I am back and ready to share this journey with you. Come, let’s be daring together.

lots of love,

jengadi <3

P.S. Here is a little illustration of a girl praying, it reads:

On the day I called, You answered me;
You made me bold with strength in my soul.- Psalm 138:3 <3