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Small Beach Bash Paintings

The aerial beaches started on one of the harder days of my life, having suffered from a long-standing illness. I was on vacation on the Cape and was in terrible pain, so disappointed in my reality. I really wanted to paint on the beach so I did it anyway! To me, these beaches are now a symbol of the promise I made to myself that day. To heal, to get well. Your story today does not need to be your story tomorrow.  

That day in the Summer of 2016 I made a promise to myself to get well no matter what. Recently, I realized I can’t even remember the last time I had pelvic pain. I haven’t healed enough to return to a beach in a normal manner but I am so so close. These 12 beaches remind me of that promise and how far I’ve come.

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Special COVID Collection

This is hard. Really, really hard. We cannot physically be with everyone we love the most but we can make sure they still feel seen and loved. We are all struggling in different ways during this pandemic. I am particularly sensitive to the emotional impacts of isolation.

There have been multiple times in my life where I was isolated for months on end while I recovered from complications from my autoimmune condition. I couldn’t be with my friends and most of my family but every card, note, flower, gift meant the world. I felt seen and I will never forget it. I want to be able to share that hope with you. For the foreseeable future, I am offering a collection of prints with FREE shipping that includes a lovely gold foiled greeting card with confetti and a note from YOU.

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