2020 Fine Art Ornaments

Each year, I create a new collection of hand painted fine art ornaments.  There is a new theme or color-way based off of the year’s paintings and various released collections. This year’s ornaments are particularly special. My brother-in-law and I designed the boats and lighthouses together. I created the vector drawings based off of motifs from my paintings and he produced the wooden ornaments for me.  This is the first time I designed the ornaments from start to finish rather than painting on purchased designs. I am so excited to share this curated collection with you and I hope you find yourself wanting to collect one or a few!

Loosely based off of my Modern Seascapes, each ornament is unique. There are layers of collage papers and texture, similar to my original paintings, and gold foil accents. Each ornament has an acrylic tag with my signature and a Sari Silk ribbon.  The ornaments are packaged carefully in a white keepsake box and tied with seafoam green ribbon….my signature color.


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Fine Art for Your Home

Jengadi Jean Co. is all about dreaming abundantly and living faithfully. Fun mixed-media and acrylic paintings full of texture and color make up the work you’ll see here. Inspired by the ocean, textiles, and the concrete jungle, I’m convinced that inspiration always exists, you just have to look for it.

Modern Seascape Paintings

My love affair with water started as far back as I have memory. Living in the Northeast, it doesn’t take long to get to the ocean. Summer trips on Cape Cod and time spent at my best friend’s family cottage on the coast of Maine sealed my obsession with the sea.

This series began in Summer 2019 when I was creating the Window Series and I had inquiries for the unfinished paintings. This idea ruminated all year as I worked out rough sketches on my iPad and reworked until the modern seascapes felt like Jengadi Jean. It is my hope this series feels like a breath of fresh (and salty) air all year round. With hues of seaglass and pops of bright boardwalk colors, when you squint, you’re transported back to that layered horizon by the sea.


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Small Beach Bash Paintings

The aerial beaches started on one of the harder days of my life, having suffered from a long-standing illness. I was on vacation on the Cape and was in terrible pain, so disappointed in my reality. I really wanted to paint on the beach so I did it anyway! To me, these beaches are now a symbol of the promise I made to myself that day. To heal, to get well. Your story today does not need to be your story tomorrow.  

That day in the Summer of 2016 I made a promise to myself to get well no matter what. Recently, I realized I can’t even remember the last time I had pelvic pain. I haven’t healed enough to return to a beach in a normal manner but I am so so close. These 12 beaches remind me of that promise and how far I’ve come.

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