So, it has been awhile since I last wrote. I am in awe of how the month of May is flying by! I wanted this month to go by nice and slow …since at the end of the month (eek!) I will officially be a whole year older(already…a whole year out of college!). My newest phrase seems very fitting: “time flies whether or not you are having fun”. And lately it has been a lot of business, business. I suppose there is a reason so many artists don’t pursue art full time. I find the “getting my ducks in a row” to be exhausting and tedious, but necessary. And the question surfaces “Do you draw what will sell or what you want?” Hmph…I think it depends. So I have been slacking in the blogging department and getting my ducks in a row. I hope to share some more art with you, funny stories of my crazy life, but for now I will share one bit of exciting news! I re-opened my Etsy shop!! There are a few prints for sale and hopefully more will become available in the coming weeks. It has been taking me much longer than anticipated to open my shop and start thinking about a new website design etc. And lately, I have just been overtired and exhausted, finding it difficult to rest well. Last night I sat in a corner and painted the words “Be Still and know that I am God.” It was super refreshing and reminded me to truly enjoy God and glorify Him forever. So that is what I am focusing on. I am taking a break from business and basking in His presence.

More on life and some funnies this weekend; right now I am going to go and REST.

Willow Tree Art Print- It is well with my soul


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