Sunday sewing art

Sunday sewing art

Today I decided to draw and paint my White sewing machine. We have not always been friends. But since the time I sent her in for a tune-up, we have been getting along rather well. Who knew physicals were good for sewing machines? So, here is a sneak peek before I reveal my final piece.

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  1. Sukanya December 14, 2012 at 2:53 am - Reply

    touched my heart so much. i’ve been there. i am there. i don’t think being brave has anything to do with not flenieg fear. moving forward and walking in peace doesn’t mean that the powerful emotion of fear doesn’t rise up it’s stinkin’ head. it’s scary uprooting your family and starting over. there is not one thing easy about it. i’m the type to always look for a sign or some overwhelming flenieg of ahhhhhh. and for us this time it just didn’t exist. being really courageous means walking forward when you know that’s what you must do what He has laid out for you. the kicked in the gut flenieg does go away though. every day gets a little easier. that’s definitely something to look forward to. praying for you this morning.

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