05The last month and a half has been one of the most intense periods of my life thus far. I mean that, and it just keeps getting more and more intense in the most wonderful, difficult, and scary) in a strange kind of good way) possible. I work full time right now and I intern with a very talented graphic designer. Oh, and I am trying to build my art and illustration business on the side and get my name out there! Whew. There is so much to do that I have, (once again) shamefully neglected this little space. I want to tell you all about those super late night printing and designing sessions and how I raced to an apple farm to buy crates and in between meetings and such applied to five summer art festivals. But, gasp, I’ve just finally come back up for air.

A couple of weeks before my 24th birthday at the end of May, I had a sort of panic. There’s always this feeling that the past year went by a tad too fast. Unlike New Year’s, I tend to create my goals around my birthday each year. Per usual, I was a little apprehensive about another year gone. Did I accomplish the goals set forth? Did I use my time wisely? Was I glorifying to God? Did I even enjoy Him or my family? I still don’t quite have Photoshop down like I had hoped. There is no licensing deal looming nor am I yet working full time doing what I LOVE. But, there have been baby steps. Baby steps and enough encouragment along the way that I didn’t give up. I WON’T GIVE UP.

By His grace, I can look back and realize, last year at this time:

1. I did not own a sole proprietorship

2. I had never used any program in the Adobe Creative Suite (I now feel very comfortable in AI and Photoshop)

3. I was too afraid to pursue my dreams or even really claim I wanted to pursue art. I am now openly talking about my art and feeling a little less fearful each day.

4. I didn’t know anyone well in the creative community…I am blessed today to have found some to share and vent and talk about all things art-related.

5. I didn’t have a website/ own my own domain

6. I was too afraid to spend a little $ in hopes of making a little $…This past year in spite of this fear and lack of a real dispensable budget, I was blessed to find great super-saver deals on  a Wacom tablet, a huge wide-format printer, scanner, and have enough profit from art to spend $ on application fees for shows and such. So far I have gotten a return on my investment. Hallelujah, Amen!  He truly provided in my limited financial ability.

7. I have discovered that if you are passionate, you will go the extra mile. You can fight back the exhaustion and your family and friends and all those doubters will see you working hard and dreaming and going after what makes your head spin (in the best way) and they turn from doubters to supporters of the BEST KIND.

Woah, it has been a tough second year out of college, but I’m learning you’re never too old or too young to pursue and use the gifts and talents you possess deep in your soul.

Thank you, thank you to all who have gone before me and shown me perseverance will get you through. I needed that.

all my love and hope,

jengadi jean