“What therefore God has joined together, let no man separate.” -Mark 10:9.

Lately, I have attended a few weddings for some very good college friends. I loved seeing some of my favorite people in the world for one last hurrah before we go our separate ways. These weddings also brought an excuse for me to whip out my paintbrush and even experiment with a couple of framing projects I have been wanting to try. Three new paintings for three beautiful friends. I tried to make them meaningful to the couple. For one I used her love of Fall colors and balanced some of her wedding decor into a piece tailored for the two. For another I took inspiration from a rug they had listed on their registry. And for another, I was inspired by her fiery red hair (Oddly enough I think of green when I see red hair…). I even added sweet prayers into the last painting I did- barely legible but I thought that was a fun touch I could do to pour excitement and blessings on the couple. A look at the three is below.

I hope everyone had a good weekend- I know I did. It was spent surrounded by family, friends and delicious homemade food. And best of all- I got to spend time tickling my sweet nieces and nephew.