So, my blog has been a bit lack-luster these last couple of months as I jumped on an incredible opportunity to start my illustration career. But, I’m back. I have a plan of attack and am eager to get going and share my progress on here. Back in July, I wrote down in my journal, what I want to be when I grow up. It was kind of a big deal/revelation for me. He has taken me through a journey from gung ho want-to-be chemist to aspiring artist and changed me in so many other ways in the past five years. Then I came across Holli Conger’s site where she offered two months of illustration career-consulting. That took up September and October and was INCREDIBLE. It gave me the kick I needed and the motivation to get moving with my career dreams. I have discovered my gifts and passions align well with a career in illustration and it would give me the freedom and ability to affect and change children’s lives all the while using my God-given talent to do something I LOVE. So, I’m going to keep painting and drawing and learning, promoting, and aspiring to start my freelance career in illustration and beyond. Whew. I plan on sharing with you the work and some of the shenanigans that happen as I embark on this new journey. This month, I will be sending out promotional mailers for editorial illustrations and hopefully a children’s promo card as well(It’s still very much a work in progress). The editorial promo is done (finally!) and I just need to finish gathering some names for my mailing list. I plan to head back to Barnes & Noble this week to peruse magazines again and find more that “fit” my style.

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