I am in one of those life stages where a lot of waiting is inevitable. I don’t particularly care for waiting…I mean who does? Our society sure likes everything eight seconds ago and I feel that sometimes in New England we want it yesterday. I am waiting on all sorts of things like my new medicine to kick in for my colitis, the day I can do a creative career full time, the day I get married, the day I get to see my best friends from college again, the day where I feel a sense of belonging, and the day I get to go home where there is no more mourning or pain. A couple on the list I may have to WAIT a long time for. And so,  I WAIT. I wait in hope sometimes, and impatiently at other times. Everything takes time. But, I am driven and committed and ready (sort of?) for the long journey ahead.

What are you waiting on? How do you pursue your dreams passionately in the mean time? How do you use your time?