So, today is my BIRTHDAY! Yes. Another year gone by, another chapter written. I thought about making a post on my future goals, my reflections on this past year, or just some of the funny moments I experienced today. But, instead, I am going to focus on the people that either make every day matter, or better, point me to the One that matters. On days like this past week, I want to cross out the fact I am blessed.  But, today I was inundated with encouragement and refreshing words from friends and family. I laughed a whole lot from the e-mails and phone calls and even the wall posts about my 40th birthday (secret: I turned 23).

I got to talk to my roommates from college today in one form or another and they reminded me how that first week we met freshman year was a start to something special. Before they met me (in person) we chatted through e-mail and Facebook where they saw my first profile picture (it is still there if you want to see what they saw…) and their first impression was: “a 35 year old mom is coming back to school and rooming with us? What the heck?” They thought I either put a picture of my mom as my profile picture (Uh, weird…) or I indeed was 35. Hmph. And they told me this, just you know, a few hours after meeting me. And so, when I went to the bathroom that first week after moving in (and foolishly) left my Facebook signed in, they changed my birth year to 1972. And the hilarity of that caused me to never change it. I had forgotten all about it until timeline came out and my birthdate was available again. This year’s over the hill celebration has reminded me all over again why I love these girls in my life and why I don’t think you can ever go a day without laughter. 😉 So there you go, if you’re my friend on Facebook and were at all confused by seeing “today is Jen’s 40th birthday”…as they say….now you know the rest of the story.

I will save the goal sharing for tomorrow because I honestly cannot stop laughing over here. 

lotsa birthday love,

jengadi jean

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