So…a little while ago I took a trip to the Yankee Candle Flagship store in Deerfield, Ma with a good friend and fellow Christmas freak. We, of course did our typical, quirky things like wait for it to snow in the Village every four minutes along with other mature adults  children, and stare in awe at the Pickle tree (which, just as it sounds, is a tree full of pickle ornaments). But, we also did normal things like shop and dream about or future homes. While there, I fell in love with these darling gingerbread men ornaments, and thought i could probably make something similar for you know 1/8 of the cost. It was super easy and would be a great Holiday project to do with some of the younger family members. 😉

Here is my tutorial:

Use Air-Dry Clay (Found at Walmart, Target, etc.)

+ your own hands, butter knife, and/or cookie cutters…

**Remember to poke a hole near the top before it dries for the string to go through…

+ your choice of acrylic paint, twine/shoelaces for holding the ornament and voila decorate as you like and give as gifts or to add a fun extra to your tree!!

Go here: to find out how to make crackle medium from Elmer’s glue…

Here are a couple of mine:



-jengadi jean