Do you have something on your to-do list that is a priority but not in the sense it has remained on your to-do list for a couple of months? I have a few of those. One being this sno-seal leather winterizer product, another being my college t-shirt quilt which I started my junior year, and another far off project: a wine bottle chandelier I referred to yesterday.  Hmph. Well, today I gained victory over one of those items. I FINALLY (well actually if I am honest… my mother) found it in stores! DOUBLE victory: a check off the list with no added shipping costs.

I even quickly started singing “Victory in Sno-seal, my leather proofer forever!!…” Perhaps a little embarassing, only in the sense I started singing this out loud upon leaving the cashier. I made sure he knew he made my day and happily went home to check it off my white board to-do list:

If you want to make your own personalized white-board:

Buy a frame (any frame, the Dollar Tree has great ones)

Add Scrapbook paper and enjoy with dry-erase markers. 🙂

-jengadi jean

P.S. I promise I am not a slave to my white-board. I just would literally forget to do everything and never finish a project if I didn’t write it down and have a reminder every morning!

P.P.S. If you know how to make a chandelier out of wood, please tell me! I want to someday make a wine bottle chandelier inspired by Pottery Barn’s gorgeous green one using 337 and Apothic Red bottles.