I have been feeling very inspired lately to pour out art like it’s my job. I wish it was my job…maybe someday! 😉 I finally, after almost two years of agony, finished my t-shirt quilt. Woah, did that just happen? I dropped it off to be professionally stippled today. Thank you Sharon. I really wanted a t-shirt quilt of my favorite college t-shirts. (Okay I did not cut them all up…) But whenever I looked online they were like a few hundred dollars. And, ahem, I live on the cheap here. And my budget, wait budget? I didn’t have a budget, in the sense that there was no money for a budget. So I embarked on this horrible trip  adventure to do one myself. It worked mostly and was done under $20. I am happy enough with the result and cannot wait to see it with its quilting done. I can say with all sincerity that there was blood, sweat, and tears in this project. I cut my hand with the needles a few too many times. I burned up whenever I did all of that excessive ironing required for the fusible interfacing on the back of the shirts and the rest of it. And I cried. I cried when I foolishly sewed one side on backwards. I cried when I sewed the strips together unevenly. And I cried as I threw the whole thing in the backyard out of despair (and when I later tried to throw it in the trash…but my father stopped me…phew).

So yes, there was blood, sweat, and tears. But it is DONE. I have been so blissfully relieved it is finished, I have had extra inspiration to start some new canvas projects like designing ideas for the Seasons paintings I am doing for my sister and brother-in-law.


Here is the quilt and some of my drawings:


jengadi jean