So, my sister called me the other day to tell me about this coconut macaroon diet that helped people with colitis or Crohn’s disease. A handful of stories shared complete healing and many other stories shared drastic improvement in daily symptoms. I am always looking for natural remedies for colitis attacks. You can find the article here. So, I decided to give it a shot, since this month tends to be one of my worst of the year for some reason. And, let me tell you not only has it been DELICIOUS, it has improved my intestinal health. (Picture this: Each morning or night I am prescribed two chocolate dipped coconut macaroons for my health. And… did I mention I now have adult gummies for my Calcium and D supplements? YES.) I am typically bloated to the point of looking like I am in my second trimester of pregnancy when I have a flare…but not this week sir. I am crediting the coconut and the Lord’s grace. It is still a little rocky and my intestines are not doing the best. But, I am thankful for a pain free and bloat free week.

Now back to painting so I can finally post my finished paintings soon!

-jengadi jean