Did I mention it is October and definitely still Fall? Mother Nature: this is not ok. First off, Fall is my FAVORITE season and it just hasn’t been here. The first month of Fall was wicked hot say mid 70s and 80s. Halfway through the second month I have consistently needed coats, scarfs and an ice scraper…wait it is October right? And apparently pumpkins do not last in below freezing temperatures. My pumpkin beauty did not last more than 8 days this year. 🙁 What?? Summer, I’ll even take you back)

The funeral:

Yes, those white spots are snow. We enjoyed a Wintery mix of snow, sleet, and hail all day today. also: Dear car, I do not desire to start scraping you twice a day before December.


jengadi jean.

P.S. I am still eating more apples than usual and eating pumpkin anything as much as I can.

P.P.S. Lack of Fall: you can’t get me down. ;P