I am making most of my Christmas presents this year besides our Secret Santa gift exchange for two reasons. 1. I have little $ to spare and 2. I can make gifts for way cheaper ( and even personalize them!) than I could buy them

For my nieces I am making necklaces, a sock monkey, and headbands.

The sock monkey will cost: 2.75 (Not bad considering a similar one I found in stores went for well over $50 and personalized ones well over $75). And now this next project I will show you can come in around $0.45 depending on what you already have. I cannot even buy a fake tattoo or cheap plastic ring for that much! And that price will get you multiple headbands! LOVE it.


1. Decide on what kind of “flower” or “rosette” you want to make and how big and how many.

See:Tutorial: Fabric and Felt Rosettes. for a fantastic tutorial and where I first fell in love with these beauties.

2. To create the headband:

a. But 6 inches of any stretchy material you would like to use (MUST BE STRETCHY esp. for baby’s sweet head) or grab a pair of tights or pantyhose you would like to cut up

–> this will generally cost around 0.25 and up but will make more than one

b. Flatten the piece of material out and cut a 6 in X 13 in. piece. (Babies 3-18 mos. generally will fit this…For bigger heads go longer than 13inches, but remember it stretches!)







c. Bunch each side of the material with your hands







d. Bring the pinched sides together and sew them ( chose a bright color to show you where I intended to sew etc.













e. Trim extra thread or material off and glue the headband to the rosette flower(s)












f. Sew to reinforce and create a beautiful, sturdy headband for baby!


I don’t have a baby so I put it on Rudolph instead. 😉 Tis the season. Maybe I will have a picture after Christmas.

-jengadi jean