Com’n let’s praise HIM! I just couldn’t stop shouting “Hallelujah” last week. Thank you Jesus for blessing me in ways I couldn’t have even expected. I made a series of costly mistakes last week in the midst of dizzy spells and scurrying around to make some decisions in regards to new drug treatments for my UC and He took complete care of each one. I incidentally transferred funds to the wrong account and incurred a $60 fee for that, then got charged for a different issue, and then I lost my license (physically not legally ;)).  I kept driving to work and prayed somehow the bank would forgive me for my stupidity and that somehow my license would be found so I didn’t have to pay the $25 re-issue fee. Without questioning, when I called the bank to ask for forgiveness, they immediately said yes, we will forgive your fee and the funds will be back in your account today. Wait, what? Just like that? Even though I was the idiot? Wow. Okay, thanks God. But what about my license I thought? I promised myself if after one week of cleaning out everything I owned and not finding it I would buy a new one. The very afternoon I had to purchase a new one, I pulled into the driveway and my license fell out of my checkbook out of my purse out onto the floor. Woah. And that means I had been driving legally the whole time. If that wasn’t enough, (which to me it was BEYOND enough) He also provided superhuman strength on my way to work Friday. I forgot my pill cutter for these steroids (UC…) I have to split and thought “super, I am going to have to take more than necessary and start all over weaning off of them”. But no, just like that they split in half with a snap of my thumb. Are you kidding me right now? To test it later I tried to split them with all my might and couldn’t. Our God is incredible isn’t He? He has given me unspeakable joy in the midst of the trials in my little corner of the world. He has reminded me of the HOPE of the day when healing will be for all nations and mourning will be no more. Oh PRAISE Him.

all my love,

jengadi jean

P.S. I am getting so much closer to re-opening my etsy shop…business cards are in the works and I am just so excited for this new chapter!!

P.P.S. The picture on the left is from a high school trip to England…oh how I want to go back! Wanderlust problems…