Hi folks!

So much to learn, so much to do! I barely remember to share it with you all. For the past (almost) year I have been studying how to sell art, how to embark on a creative career, how to get found, how to develop a body of work, etc,etc. I have been introduced to the world of art licensing and galleries and shows and illustration. At times, I’m overwhelmed by the possibility and the learning curve. I need to learn how to market myself, get my portfolio commercially ready, learn new technology (Think scanner, printer, website, Adobe Creative Suite, and the list goes on…) Some days I feel like I’m on information overload and others I am so thrilled to be learning every single day. I’m entering a field where there is ALWAYS room to grow, explore, and experiment. The journey is just beginning and it’s already been incredible. I have met like-minded creatives and found a whole world and niche where people do what they LOVE everyday. I have a fantastic and ultra-talented critique group and supporters online and offline who encourage me daily. I’m so thankful to have them early on as in many ways, I’m just beginning the process.

Today, I get to share with you that I had my FIRST EVER gallery event. One of my pieces was accepted into a local juried art show. I was beyond thrilled. And, I’m thinking about doing around 5 local shows/craft fairs in New England this summer. Exciting stuff.

photoHere I am next to my As the Deer painting in my children’s Animal Art series.

And here I am next to my favorite one from the show:

photo (1)


But, the BEST part was that my family showed up as a surprise to see my show!! 🙂

photo (3)photo (2)photo (5)

The cute little House of Art where the event was held.

and finally my excited face at all of the exciting and new things coming up this summer!!

photo (6)

Stay tuned!!

jengadi jean <3