Blessing #3: I have wonderful, uplifting friends.

I do not have time to mention all of the intentional and thoughtful ways my friends have blessed me with as of late. But I will list a few.

I have a friend who goes out of their way to listen and always remember what I say. She has brought me soup when I was sick, she has bought me clothes (in perfect sizes and colors I might add) when I was lacking work clothes, and just always seems to know how to help in times of need or not. She has one of the most giving spirits.

I have a friend who brings me Amish bread and stops by just to say “Hi”.

I have friends who pray diligently for me daily even if they are out of the country or thousands of miles away.

I have friends who share silly things about their day because they know I will get it.

I have friends that remind me how important I am and who correct me gently when I am wrong.

I have friends who hold me accountable and spur me on toward love and good deeds. (Hebrews 10)

Thank you God for all of these friends and more.