So, all my life (or well mostly) I have had robots of all kinds. Robots that barked at my movies, robots I made out of boxes and tinfoil, robots that danced (actually Robosapien is still pretty cool), robots that talked to me, and robots that played mystery stories. And, one of my favorities: an elephant robot willed down to me in college from a member of my sorority. I have had my share of robot days and now that I’m getting older, (that is actually debatable…I am deciding what age I will be “holding” at. For instance my mom to this day is still 31 and holding. Just ask her.) I suppose I won’t be getting any new robots underneath the Christmas tree. Well, Forever 21 you have made me smile today. My newest little finds there have robot EVERYTHING. Clothes, socks, jewelry, all in the name and shape of robot! Can you say adult woman robot version jewelry happiness? YES, yes you can.

Just ask me sometime about my robots. I will tell you.


-jengadi jean, the robotic queen? machine?