We are all decorated and I anticipate lots of reading books under cozy red and green blankets surrounded by red and green decor, and lights, oh I love the lights!

I come to this Advent season with a lot on my mind. Not that things usually go as I plan, but this year the unexpected has invariably been happening more than I anticipated. I have had to deal with illness and pain, a rough job front, financial burdens and student debt, the potential loneliness of post-college life and the death of loved ones. This past week as I pondered some quite serious topics as death and dying, I was reminded of a life, the only life that can change that. I am excited to experience re-learning about His birth and life all over again, thankful there is One who has created victory over the grave.

Uncle Paulie: my childhood would not have been the same without you. I know you loved and adored me and am thankful for the time we had together. For the Peterjon’s ice cream, the turtle stuffed animals and toys, the Circuses, the Festivals, sliding on the ice, rock climbing, being a kid (always at the kid’s table), kind of times we shared.

Cherish your family! They are not perfect, but they will impact your life.

-jengadi jean