There must be something in the air around December that makes everyone a little out there, on edge, or just a tad bit exuberant. I, must admit, I am kind of strange at all times of year and enjoy when others join me in speaking freely.

Some funnies of the night I hope will make you smile:

In the package store returning some cans etc. “Wow I adore this wine cover. One of my favorites. Will look great in that chandelier” -Me

– Guy at the counter… “Oh yeah, this one, will it?”

-Me: Oh, did I just say that out loud? Yeah I think it will.

(Of note five minutes prior I was running around the parking lot because 1/4 of the cans I was returning flew off my cart in the blustering wind. It took me several minutes to find most all of them and I think I amused several shoppers. )

In Wal-mart several hours later: “Donuts are my weakness”. A young man turns around and smirks. I start laughing. Can you keep anything in your head tonight? No, self I cannot. Sorry.- Me

A few minutes later another shopper announces, “Smells like cinnamon in here, where is the cinnamon?! (shouting in a very excited tone). “The cinnamon is getting stronger. Do you smell that?” (talking to seemingly no one). The excitement leaves her voice as she mumbles “I hate cinnamon”.

Bah. So many more. But I don’t think they are all that funny without the context. One of those you had to be there kind of things. Please, share your funnies! Learn to laugh at yourself. 😉

-jengadi jean

P.S. More DIY projects to come. But it’s Friday and I think I’ll go make some Nestle’s Cheese bars instead for our Christmas party we’re hosting tomorrow. Happy Friday everyone!