I think it is super easy to forget what you DO have. I know I do this at least every other day. I look past what I have been richly blessed with to what I still don’t have. So, I want to commit to listing my blessings and acknowledge the One who poured them out onto me. I want to see His hand in the mundane, little things in life where He is still faithful.

Blessing #1: Car Bill: $0

Today I came home from a fabulous weekend in Pittsburgh to go pick up my car from my mechanic. I anticipated that at least the muffler was shot and maybe the exhaust pipe and anticipated a fairly substantial bill. When I asked, “What’s the damage?,” Dan the man said “Nothing, you are all set.” I could have shouted the entire Hallelujah chorus. Turns out there was just a loose pipe left from a previous ordeal. I sang the Doxology the whole way home.