I have a family who always has, always does, and always will love me. Several days ago I witnessed for the third time DCF take children away from their family. I always knew abuse existed all over the world even in my town. But, for some reason nothing hits you quite like seeing it firsthand. I work with sweet children and it breaks my heart when I see their caretakers not being care takers. My heart was broken last week. I, again, was completely helpless. I will likely never see them again, and just prayed and prayed for them. I don’t think I will ever forget the last look I saw of their sweet faces. I barely knew them, but the reality of abuse and neglect and sin in the world burdened on my heart. I cried the whole way home that day. And when I arrived home, there was supper ready (one of my favorites too!), the garage door open, and a hug and clean laundry to greet me as I entered. I am super blessed.