I found my very first (realish) drawing in my room the other day and thought I would share with you how I found and re-found my love for art. I am always fascinated by how people came upon their creative ideas and endeavors. Sometimes, I think some of it is a victim of circumstance and other times very purposeful. In middle school, I was very obsessed with my microscope and would create all sorts of herbal concoctions and study them in my basement (yes, you may call this odd childhood, chapter 49). One day, while in the basement I picked up a paintbrush and found some paint and drew this terribly strange bouquet on a piece of cardboard and thought, “maybe I’ll be an artist”. Well, that thought stopped there until 7 or so years later. I found myself still totally absorbed in science experiments and having to illustrate various anatomy and cells in my A & P class. I was enthralled with illustration and my teacher mentioned considering it as a career. I thought “maybe, but I am going to be a gastroenterologist and might consider art or illustration later in my career”.

I was still way too happy dissecting eye balls and sheep brains with my own bare hands. 😉 Flash forward to my sophomore year of college where I wanted a painting to match my funky dorm room decor (a combination of black, yellow, teal, and brown…) So, I created a painting, I now call yellow dream, (since that would be way more cost-effective and I am pretty frugal these days….). I loved the process!! Soon after that, my Dad opened up his own ink and toner business. He needed all new decorations and art and I volunteered to make nine paintings for his store. The budget was around $100; I loved the task of finding materials within a budget and most of all creating them! The rest, as they say is history (in the making). I recently created my own etsy shop where a few paintings from his store can be found like these. Art has become more than a decoration on my wall. It has become a way of life where I can unwind, express the inexpressible, and enjoy intimate moments connecting with Jesus.

love to all and please do share your journeys if you’d like.

jengadi jean