First, let me just say I love it when my relatives visit. My aunt just came in last night for Christmas and the funny times have already begun. I told her she fills up my quote book every time (that is partially true).

Upon walking in the door, she hands me a bottle of limonchello and declares “that’s a really strong batch”…as I read the bottle it says ” a really strong batch”. Ha, another year of homemade limoncello. 😉

Okay this one is all me, but apparently funny so I will share:

I have been wondering if my car needs an alignment and since I will be traveling soon to Delaware to see some dear friends, I thought I should check it. I called Expert Tire to inquire about an alignment check four times within 25 minutes and think I made a few people laugh.

Phone call # 1:

“Can I come down for an alignment check?”

“Sure but the wait is 2 hours and we close in two hours”.

“Oh ok so should I come down or?”

“Well I don’t want you to wait for 2 hours”

“Okay, so I shouldn;t, thank you”

Phone Call #2

“Can I make an appointment for an alignment? I really need it checked.”

“Sure, does monday work?”

“Yes, yes it does.”

“Oh how about 2:00?”

“Oh I will be out of town then OI will have to call you back I dont know when I am leaving.”
Phone Call #3

“Hi, I’ll take an early morning appointment.” ( we don;t even formally greet now..he knows my voice)

“Perfect. It will cost around $27.”

“Oh it will? I thought they were free? No?”

“No, since you bought them in Pa, it is not (Oh isn’t that another story in itself)”

“Okay. Will you take the money off if I get an alignment?

“I don’t know. There isn’t someone here to answer that right now”

“Oh ok well see you mon.”

Phone call #4

“Hi it’s me again about the alignment (He starts to chuckle) I am sorry to bother you, I just have another question”

“Oh, you are not bothering me at all (still laughing and I am laughing at this point too.) Mam, can I ask you why you think you need this alignment soo bad?”

“Well you see when I am going down a road, I am not sure if it is windy or straight.”

He starts to chukle since I have been laughing at this point too “Oh ok”

“Like, I veer right a little but I am not sure if the road is windy or not.”

“Any other reasons?”

“Yeah…I feel like my tires are going to fall of every time I drive on the highway.”

“oh ok” (both laughing again) I tell you what we will look at it for free and go from there.

By call #4 I think he realized how terribly confused I am and had some mercy.

“See you monday morning mam.”

“Okay see you then!!”

That was a little long. You must really like me or my babbling to have gotten this far. Thank you.

reason #88 and #89 why I love my family:

Sisters dashing down aisles in Wal-mart taking a double take because they nearly ran into their long-lost cousin who is now grey. No one will understand this. That is acceptable, that is besides my sister.


“You look like you came out of an L.L. Bean catalog”

“BAM. I am a four letter word.” Pause. “Cool” ( as she shows me that her outfit is indeed from L.L. Bean)

reasons # 131 and 134:

Every time I drive somewhere with my mom, I do something silly and so does she:

-i’ll spare you the entire conversations (which I do have written down ;-)) and share a couple hilarois moments:

-That moment when we convinced the drive-through lady to give us 2 Arby’s sandwhiches for the same price….That moment when I asked “are there seeds on this bun?”, giving her a concerned look, to be happy she answered “yes”.

-To flying in reverse back to the Arby’s window because we forgot salt, to going forward immediately because we found salt

-That moment when she said “This isn’t the Indiana 500 as I nearly go over a cement cinder block” (you see I have gone over islands in parking lots before, so this isn’t out of the realm of possibility)

-That moment in B.J’s when we knocked stuff over in an aisle to laugh as it ricochets down the aisle.

-That moment where we are looking for “black pepper” which we both know is really season salt.

I hope you are surrounded by your family, whether close friends or blood relatives as you celebrate the Hallowed manger ground. I know I will be and am so excited for the laughs, the memories, and the anticipation of the celebration of a birthday that changed EVERYTHING.

Merry Christmas Eve,

jengadi jean