Web_deerTwo Little Deer, Jengadi Jean

These two little deer are very dear to me. I have always been fascinated by their distinct beauty and pale color palette. I love drawing them, like LOVE, LOVE, LOVE. And these two are especially special (Aren’t I fresh with words tonight?) because I used my youngest nieces’ art in the surrounding border. I love creating art with children. Their creative expression is  infinite, limitless and without hesitation. They create just to create. They grab any old color or paintbrush or crayon or chalk and put it on whatever they can find. They are proud of their creations and tend not to compare with another child’s creation. They love getting messy with their hands and using their imagination. I am so inspired by their approach and untainted freedom of expression. I want to remain child-like in my approach to creativity and to faith in the sense I never lose that wonder and limitlessness.

Thank you little ones for shining your light and exuberance for creation.

<3 jengadi jean