Happy Thanksgiving!

I wonder, was yours as bizarre and entertaining as mine always is? I know everybody has a crazy uncle or two. But, I just think if I were to tape my family gatherings I would find it hilarious reality TV that I could watch on repeat for many new laughs. So, we’ve ate the Turkey, drank a couple butter-balls, played countless board games and perused the Black Friday sales and exhausted our discussion of the type of person that stays up or gets up to go shopping tomorrow. Do you? I am afraid for my life (literally) if I were to venture out. If you were at my home tonight …the most common phrase would have been “Who is going to Best Buy?” I will leave out the back story for now. I hope everyone enjoyed their Fall, and was able to reflect on the goodness we have been blessed with.

We’ve taken the pictures.

I have drank the cider, the donuts, the pumpkin everything… 🙂

breathed in the crisp morning air,

gathered the leaves,

mowed the lawn for the last time.

It is time to move on to the Advent season. And…I cannot wait! Tomorrow will be full of decorating, family time, and tree-decorating. Anyone else care for a litle rocking around the tree? Get excited.

Thankful and beyond blessed,

jengadi jean

(Bails on our Thanksgiving morning walk. ;P)